Create beautiful tile maps in Unity.

Get TileWorldCreator

5 presets included

5 tile presets included to start right away.

Paint maps

Paint and modify maps directly in the Unity scene editor.

Runtime generation

Create random worlds at runtime. PC and Mobile.

Drawcall optimized

Merge your tiles into clusters for occlusion culling.


  • Create beautiful islands or awesome dungeons.
  • Use it for Top down shooters, Tower defense, Strategy games, FPS, RPG...
  • Needs only 5 tiles to create beautiful and production ready worlds.
  • Use your own tile prefabs.(custom 3d meshes or 2d planes)
  • Works with 3rd party pathfinding solutions.
  • High quality Unity 5 PBR scifi tile preset included
  • 5 additional tile presets with 1k - 2k textures included.
  • Scatter objects like trees, stones or decals onto your world.
  • Automatically set a start and end position on a map (player, portals).
  • 10 demoscenes included.
  • 4 different map algorithms + possibility to add your own
  • Editor / runtime generation of maps.
  • Paint maps directly in the scene editor.
  • Runtime generation works on mobile iOS and Android.
  • Use layers to add heights.
  • Maps can be merged to clusters for occlusion culling and drawcall reduction.

Create stunning islands or dungeons for your game or quickly build a level for your prototype. Add the TileWorldCreator prefab to an empty scene, setup your tile presets, click on generate and you're done. You can modify your map directly in the scene. Place objects like trees, stones and decals onto your world with the TileWorldObjectScatterer.

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