you can change all global settings by accessing the configuration file of a TileWorldCreator reference. All global configuration settings are under:

public GlobalConfiguration global
bool worldName the container world name
bool invert invert map
bool buildGroundTiles should ground tiles be builded
MapOrientation mapOrientation map orientation
int layerCount layer count
int layerInset layer inset
bool buildOverlappingTiles build tiles which are overlapping from other layers
int[] layerPresetIndex the selected preset for each layer
int width map width
int height map height
int globalScale global scale factor
bool scaleTiles scale tiles according to the global scale factor
bool automaticClusterSize enable automatic cluster size
int clusterSize cluster size
bool createMultiMaterialMesh create multi material meshes when merging
bool addMeshCollider add mesh collider to merged meshes
int optimizeSteps optimization count
int randomSeed custom random seed (-1 = always random)
int selectedAlgorithm selected algorithm
Vector3 startPosition the generated start position by the algorithm
Vector3 endPosition the generated end position by the algorithm