In TileWorldCreator you can choose between different algorithms. Just choose from one of the available algorithms in the dropdown list.
For each selected algorithm there are different configuration options which are available under each foldout. It is easy to implement your own algorithm if you wish. Just see -> Implement your own algorithm


The Cellular algorithm is basically the old algorithm from TileWorldCreator version 1. This algorithm is great for islands.

  • Death limit
  • Birth limit
  • Number of steps - How often the algorithm should run and smooth the map
  • Chance to start alive - Sets how dense the initial grid is.

BSP Dungeon

The BSP Dungeon algorithm generates a dungeon like map based on the Binary Space Partitioning algorithm. This algorithm makes sure that the whole map space is evenly used not like the Simple Dungeon Algorithm.

  • Min BSP Leaf width - The smallest leaf width size of the BSP tree.
  • Min BSP Leaf height The smallest leaf height size of the BSP tree
  • Corridor Width - Sets the width of the corridor which connects the rooms

Simple Dungeon

The simple Dungeon algorithm has more options than the BSP Dungeon but the generated rooms are not as evenly distributed as in the BSP Dungeon.
Create circle rooms - Generates circle shaped rooms instead of square ones.

  • Min circle room radius - the min radius of a circle room
  • Max circle room radius - the max radius of a circle room
  • Room count - The approximation count of generated rooms.
  • Allow room intersection - allow that rooms can intersect with each other
!Note that if allow room intersection is false. You will get less rooms because if a room intersects it will get removed.
  • Min room size width - the minimum possible width size of a room
  • Min room size height - the minimum possible height size of a room
  • Max room size width - the maximum possible width size of a room
  • Max room size height - the maximum possible height size of a room
  • Min corridor width - the minimum width of a corridor

Maze algorithm

As the name indicates, this algorithm generates a maze. Please make sure that the invert option in the settings is set to false.

  • Linear - builds a linear maze
  • Use random start pos - if true, the algorithm selects the start position randomly
  • Start pos. - the start position is used when use random start pos is set to false