Getting started

  • Create a new Unity project with a new scene
  • Import TileWorldCreator package from the AssetStore
  • Locate the TileWorldCreator prefab in the root folder of TileWorldCreator
  • Drag and drop the prefab to your scene

  • You can now create a new configuration file (.asset file) or load an existing one from the package.
    • Just click on load and play with the different available configurations. You can find them in: TileWorldCreator / _Art / _Presets / ...
    • Or click on the button create config. All settings you made are stored inside of this configuration file.
      This is also useful when using TileWorldCreator at runtime for different map Themes

  • After you have loaded or created a new configuration file click on the button Generate new
  • You can edit the map in the scene view left-click adds new tiles, right-click removes existing tiles.
  • If you are happy with the current map click on Build
! Please note that if you have created a new configuration file you will have to set your tiles first, before you can build your map.
  • Your map is now ready
  • (Optional) If you want to merge your map click on the Merge button after building it.