TileWorldCreator only needs 5 tiles to generate a complete map.
For each preset you can assign an edge tile, corner, inverted corner, block and floor tile.

  • Simply drag all five tiles on to the drag and drop area. Make sure all tiles are alphabetically sorted so that the first tile is the edge tile, second the corner tile and so forth...

  • TileWorldCreator works of course also with less than 5 tiles. If you don't need any ground or block tile, just leave it out.

  • You can add a y rotation offset to each tile if the rotation of the tile is wrong when building the map.


  • Edge tile
  • Corner tile
  • Inverted corner tile
  • Block tile
  • Ground tile - the ground tile, will only be used by the first layer as the "ground"


If you wish to add more variety you can add additional tilesets. TileWorldCreator instantiates randomly from those tilesets. For example: We create a preset with one tileset. The generated map looks at some point very repetitive. So we can add an additional tileset and add different prefab tiles to it, which varies from the other tileset, for breaking the repetitive pattern. You can add as many presets and tilesets as you like.