Position based objects

Use position based objects to set the players position, or the level start or end point.
You can choose from Best Guess or Map based

  • gameobject - The assigned gameobject
  • placement type - The selected placement type
  • position - The selected position according to the placement type
  • place on layer - The layer which will be used for the placement calculations
  • type - If the object should be placed on the "ground" tile or on any other tiles ("block")
  • offset position - additional position offset
  • offset rotation - additional rotation offset

Best Guess

The Best Guess placement type, tries to place the object as best as it can on the selected position. There are 9 possible positions to choose from.

  • Top Left
  • Top Middle
  • Top Right
  • Center Left
  • Center Middle
  • Center Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Middle
  • Bottom Right

Map based

Please note that map based does not work for the cellular algorithm

The Map based placement type uses the generated start or end position of the algorithm