Working with masks

A mask layer can help you with masking specific cells from your layer. A mask layer uses masks behaviours which describes how the layer should be masked. You can of course modify / paint a mask layer like any other layer by selecting the mask layer. TileWorldCreator comes with 4 default mask behaviours (border, inner, circle, random)

You can also add your own mask behaviours by creating a new class file in unity and inherit from TileWorldCreator. Check out a mask class inside the MaskBehaviours folder to see how a simple mask behaviour is created.

Now let's see how we can add an additional preset and mix it with our map by using a mask. In this example we will use a second layer to apply a different tileset only for the border of our map. This is great if you want to add an additional tileset with ramps for example.

  1. Generate a new map by clicking on generate new.
  2. Click on the duplicate layer button on the right side of the first layer. This will duplicate our first layer to a second layer.
  3. Make sure that in the settings you have unchecked the option "Build overlapping tiles"
  4. Now that we have an exact duplicate of our first layer we will need to assign it with a new preset which will have a different border tile. In this example we will use the ramp tile from the preset_00. So just duplicate the first preset and assign the ramp tile to the first slot of our newly created preset.
  5. TileWorldCreator adds automatically a Y offset to every layer so we have to compensate that in the newly created preset by setting the block offset Y to: -0.5
  6. Assign the newly created preset to the second layer.
  7. Now make sure you have selected the second layer then click on the Add mask button, select in the dropdown field the border mask behaviour and click apply
  8. That's basically it. By selecting the mask layer you can remove or add cells to the mask.
  9. Try different mask behaviours by selecting them in the dropdown menu of the mask layer. By clicking apply, the mask layer will be re-builded